Lee captures the basic truths that have helped many succeed in sales. These principles will help ground a new sales person in ways that management and customers would both admire.

- David Reynolds, Sales Director, Performance Chemicals Eastman Chemical Company

Lee made sales calls on me and many others in my company. After reading this book, I can see that he practiced what he preached. ...

- Jay McQuillen, former Sales Manager, Chemcentral

Whether a novice or a seasoned sales veteran, the principles in 5 Star Selling will contribute to your success. ...

- Tom Ziglar, President/CEO, Ziglar, Inc., and Proud son of Zig Ziglar

There are many books on how to sell. This one is very practical and based on extensive experience. Try it.

- Nigel Bell, former Global Vice President Lubricant and Fuel Additives Business, Shell International

This is a great book for new salespeople. I wish it would have been available to me ... I feel that I could have gotten up to speed much more quickly and started bringing value to my company faster.

- Stephanie J. Brady, Global Sales Team Leader, Bostik, Inc.

About this book

This new book offers in depth coverage of sales basics that will be crucial to beginning salespeople and be a great refresher or tune-up for seasoned professionals.

Also covered are advanced ideas and techniques that will further enhance your selling efforts in the process of becoming the best salesperson you can be. Several interesting and informative stories are also included to illustrate how (and how not) to handle many of the common sales situations you will encounter.

Read this book today, put into practice what you learn, and watch your sales start growing tomorrow!