Are Traditional Customer Relationships Overrated?

I recently read an article by another Sales Trainer saying that “traditional relationship building is overrated” and clients or potential customers don’t need more “friends”.  I couldn’t disagree more.  In my view developing relationships builds trust.  Unless you are involved in a quick one time sale (and I think fast relationship building is important there as well) continued trust between buyer and seller is paramount to developing ongoing business.  I think this writer may have been targeting cold calling, saying something more is needed than trying to develop a superficial relationships in regard to getting initial appointments, and in that regard I agree.  You need to offer some value or “hook” to get things going.   Check out Chapter 5, Making Appointments in my book to get more detail on this subject.  And as far as long term sales, I think you will find Chapter 10, Building Customer Relationships, offers very important information in achieving those results.

Lee Davis

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