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Are Traditional Customer Relationships Overrated?

I recently read an article by another Sales Trainer saying that “traditional relationship building is overrated” and clients or potential customers don’t need more “friends”.  I couldn’t disagree more.  In my view developing relationships builds trust.  Unless you are involved in a quick one time sale (and I think fast relationship building is important there… Read More

Tune up Your Selling Skills

  Often salespeople who have been selling for several years will find themselves becoming complacent and doing the same things over and over again.  They end up going through the motions and sometimes it works and often it doesn’t.  And even some new people fall into that rut very quickly.  It takes real effort to… Read More

The Relatonship Between Price and Benefits

If you are selling a commodity (Product X vs Product X) it generally comes down to price and if that’s the same you have to sell the attributes and service of your company.  If price is the objection, one normally has to be competitive and then go through the other things.  If selling Product X… Read More

Top Companies Attract Top Talent

I was recently reading a blog posted by business strategist John Spence that talked about how companies attract top talent.  Of course he was referring to talent for many different positions, but I thought the same company attributes would attract top sales talent as well.  He listed the following Fair Pay. Being paid approximately the… Read More

Negotiation, Don’t Give the Store Away!

In your sales career, you will be faced with opportunities or situations where negotiation is called for. You may be putting a deal together, working out a solution to a problem, or something will come up that highlights a difference of opinion between you and your customer which needs to be resolved. Negotiations may involve… Read More

Selling with Integrity

I credit a lot of my selling success to the fact that I tried constantly to sell with integrity.  Situations where you stray from that approach will eventually take a toll on your own attitude and create other problem issues and your selling will suffer. What does selling with integrity mean? There are several things.  It… Read More

Fear, The Enemy of the Salesperson

Fear is the enemy of the salesperson. It sometimes becomes such a huge problem that it can ruin a salesperson’s career. Fear is what you feel when you are getting ready to make appointments and you think you may not be able to get them. Fear is what you feel when you must go in… Read More

Sales Can Be Fun

If one has been in sales for very long, it is amazing how often events come up that can be quite humerous.  We all remember various situations that at the time may not have been fun, but looking back, turned out to be that way and were worth remembering. And some  were planned to be funny ahead… Read More

How to Ask for a Referral

Satisfied clients will let their friends and associates know about you, but you must let them know that you both want and accept referrals. Assuming the project went well, your customer is in the best frame of mind to provide you with the names of other prospects who might be in the market for your… Read More

You Are Who You Choose to Serve.

Serving people who don’t value you, what you do, or how you do it also creates problems. When you deal with people or companies who don’t value you, it isn’t easy to capture some of the value that you create. That can make it difficult for you to deliver the real value you are capable… Read More