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Loose Lips Sink Ships – Why Paranoia is Required in Sales

From Jeb Blount at Sales Gravy… My first sales manager taught me to be paranoid. He constantly warned us that loose lips sink deals. After sales meetings and deal strategy sessions, he was always the last one in the room removing all of the paper evidence of our discussion, and even retrieving handouts that had… Read More

It’s Bad Selling to Pursue Bad Business

Too many salespeople spend too little time selling and too much time doing stuff that either needs not be done or should be done by others.  So let’s not make the problem worse by spending the sales time available pursuing bad business. Here are three best practices for analyzing the alignment between you and the… Read More

Check Your Attitude

Do you have a winning attitude?  You should know that your attitude can make the difference in success and failure.  If you don’t think you can achieve something you probably can’t. So how can you develop a positive and winning attitude?  Associate with others who have a positive attitude.  Their enthusiasm, optimism,  and “Can Do”… Read More

In a Slump….Check Your Fundamentals

What do the  athletes do when facing a slump?  They start by making sure they check the fundamentals to make sure there are no problems there.  The same should be true for sales professionals that feel they are no longer on top of their game..  They should make sure they haven’t gotten lazy or too… Read More

Calling With Management

Management can help you reach top people and other important people at your accounts.  This practice is referred to as “calling in depth,” so you will still be hooked in if your primary contact is transferred or moves to another company. They can help with continuity at the account when you are new. They can… Read More

Make Opportunities to Network

Schedule at least one networking opportunity for the upcoming week. Find places and events where you can meet people. Don’t concern yourself with whether or not they qualify as a prospect–just meet people. The prospects will find you if you present yourself enough.          Contributed by Butch Bellah  

Take Notes or Not?

I believe taking notes is very important (even though I had a good memory) so I found a pretty foolproof method to do that on sales calls. I came into every sales calls, even first-time calls, with a series of things I wanted to cover and I had the list on my Day-Timer, PDA, or… Read More

Use Your Time Effectively

Have you ever gotten to an appointment early or the contact  you were going to see is delayed and you end up sitting around waiting for a while.   Why not, if you can do it without disturbing them, spend a few minutes chatting with the receptionist or other people who may be in the surrounding… Read More

Focusing a Sales Call

Someone asked the question “How do you focus your prospect when a sales call is getting away from you? Once you see that things are disintegrating and going everywhere (and nowhere), I think one of the best techniques is to regroup and say something to your prospect like “We seem to be trying to cover… Read More

People Buy From People

Everyone’s heard the phrase “People buy from people”.  It may seem simple and obvious, but what does that really mean?  In face to face selling it means that the salesperson’s attributes are some of the most important factors in selling the customers they encounter.   Is the salesperson likable?  Is their personality appealing or is it… Read More