Check Your Attitude

Do you have a winning attitude?  You should know that your attitude can make the difference in success and failure.  If you don’t think you can achieve something you probably can’t.

So how can you develop a positive and winning attitude?

  1.  Associate with others who have a positive attitude.  Their enthusiasm, optimism,  and “Can Do” spirit will rub off
  2. Eliminate the negatives in your life and accentuate to positives.
  3. Get busy building a foundation to support winning by learning and reading books and articles on the subject (some are mentioned in our recommended reading list).
  4. Remember and refer to your past successes.  Develop a system so those past histories are repeated.
  5. Be your own best cheerleader.
  6. Fake it till you make it.  If you are not there yet, you will be!

Lee Davis

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