Fear, The Enemy of the Salesperson

Fear is the enemy of the salesperson. It sometimes becomes such a huge problem that it can ruin a salesperson’s career. Fear is what you feel when you are getting ready to make appointments and you think you may not be able to get them. Fear is what you feel when you must go in and face a customer who has a problem. Fear is what you feel tugging at your insides when you ask a customer to do something, facing the possibility they might say “no.” Fear is what makes you procrastinate when faced with any disagreeable task. Fear is why you wait until tomorrow to call the customer about a problem, even though you know that problems inevitably get worse with inattention. I have seen fear paralyze salespeople to the point that they were totally ineffective. All salespeople feel fear to some degree at one time or another. They may not want to admit it, or call it fear, but that’s what it is. The key is not whether — or how — you feel it, but how you handle it. Successful salespeople take their fears and use them to create positive situations. For them, fear is a catalyst to greater achievement. Conquering those uneasy feelings, and going ahead in spite of them, releases incredible energy and vitality. It’s like a weight is lifted and you are free to burst forth with new purpose. When you find yourself with all sorts of “good reasons” for putting off or not doing disagreeable tasks, taking a closer look may reveal these are excuses, simply a disguised form of fear. I’m sure you have heard the expression “fake it until you make it.” The discipline to do this is what’s required to overcome reluctance or even paralysis. Personal discipline in selling is extremely important. If you can face those fears and force yourself to persevere, they will eventually disappear. That’s because when you achieve excellence, you have nothing more to fear. When you become good at making appointments, asking questions, answering objections, solving problems, or whatever else you feel uncomfortable doing, the fear of facing those things goes away. You know you can handle those challenges with no problems. Experience and increasing competence put you, not fear, in charge.


Excerpt from Chapter 4,   Fear…  “We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us” __   Pogo

5 Star Selling: From Beginning to Excellence

Lee Davis



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