Sales Training

Sales Training Designed to Boost all Measures of Success

Ask your sales people a simple question: Who taught them how to sell? You’ll discover a simple truth. Most haven’t had formal sales training.

Yet sales training, if it is best-in-class, will boost all the measurements of success: achieve or surpass quota, close bigger deals, shorten the sales cycle, increase revenue and make more money.

★ Are you looking for a cost-effective way to train new or inexperienced salespeople?

★ Do you want them to have a solid basis in the fundamentals of selling?

★ Do you want them to understand the basics of every aspect of the selling process?

★ Are you interested in building strong relationships with your company’s customers?

★ Would you like to rejuvenate your sales force and boost their performance?

If you are interested in help in these areas so that your salespeople will get off to a strong start, or re-energize current experienced performers, 5 Star Selling offers sales training programs to achieve the results you are seeking.  Contact us for more information.

Also 5 STAR SELLING: FROM BEGINNING TO EXCELLENCE, the book, is available in print from,, and other retail outlets. The audio book, read by the author, is available through Amazon, Audible and iTunes. Electronic books are available on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, and Kobo through their ePub bookstores.  Every new salesperson will benefit from their own personal copy to review!