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Table of Contents

Introduction Requires a PDF Reader
What will you gain from this book?

Chapter 1: MotivationRequires a PDF Reader
What charges your batteries?

Chapter 2: Getting Organized
Maximize your effectiveness.

Chapter 3: Starting Strong
What do you have to know about your company and its products to begin?

Chapter 4: Fear
“We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Chapter 5: Making Appointments
How do you see the important contacts?

Chapter 6: Call Preparation
Be a professional.

Chapter 7: The Sales Call
Where the rubber meets the road.

Chapter 8: Handling Information
How to gather, organize and make use of what you’ve learned.

Chapter 9: Follow Up
Immediately join the top twenty percent!

Chapter 10: Building Customer Relationships
How to become your customer’s first buying choice.

Chapter 11: Selling Internally
Building your inside team.

Chapter 12: Calling In Depth
Using management effectively.

Chapter 13: Technology
New technology for new techniques.

Chapter 14: Negotiation
Don’t give the store away!

Chapter 15: Problems
Are these really opportunities in disguise?

Chapter 16: Entertainment
Is it important?

Chapter 17: Dealing With Expenses
Keep track and keep your sanity!

Chapter 18: Keep It Going
Riding the crest of the wave.

Chapter 19: Taking Sales to the Highest Level
Achieving excellence.

Appendix I: Territory OrganizationRequires a PDF Reader
Detailed examples for setting up call plans.

Appendix II: Other Resources
Helpful books.

Appendix III: Other Resources
Helpful software.