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“Lee captures the basic truths that have helped many succeed in sales. These principles will help ground a new sales person in ways that management and customers would both admire.”
David Reynolds, Sales Director, Performance Chemicals Eastman Chemical Company

“Excellent job! I found the book to be a quick and easy read (and I am a big critic of books that don’t get to the point quickly.). Remembering my early days as a “rookie” salesman, a book like this would have been very helpful. Lee has captured the most practical elements of selling.”
– Jim Cederna, former Chairman and CEO of Calgon Carbon Corp

“Lee made sales calls on me and many others in my company. After reading this book, I can see that he practiced what he preached. We were able to develop a long term trusting relationship which greatly benefited both of our companies.”
– Jay McQuillen, former Sales Manager, Chemcentral

“There are many books on how to sell. This one is very practical and based on extensive experience. Try it.”
– Nigel Bell, former Global Vice President Lubricant and Fuel Additives Business, Shell International.

“Smart companies are seeking to bring brighter, speedier and more sustainable solutions to the market place for their customers. That makes this book a compelling must read not only for existing sales professionals who want to grow in their profession and position themselves for more responsibility but anyone thinking about entering this very rewarding field… Read this book and take a personal assessment….Professional sales may be right for you if you are not in a sales position…. and if you are in a sales position this book will help you grow and become more valued by your customers and your company.”
– Ron Tepner, former Vice President, Retail and Commercial Operations, Bridgestone

“This book covers the keys to selling. Focus, focus, focus on the important things to learn and do and have fun. You will be using your time profitably and GETTING THE ORDER!”
Jim McGee, President, Admark International

“This is a great book for new salespeople. I wish it would have been available to me 18 years ago when I started in the field, especially coming from such a technical background. It would have been much easier for me to pick up many more practical ideas more quickly. Even though the company where I began my sales career had a fantastic sales training program, the fundamental sales topics covered in this book would have been most welcome. I feel that I could have gotten up to speed much more quickly and started bringing value to my company faster.”
– Stephanie J. Brady, Global Sales Team Leader, Bostik, Inc.

Lee Davis, author of 5 Star Selling: From Beginning to Excellence, is different than many of the people who write about sales.  Unlike many people who write about sales, he actually sold right through his career, and built the book around his experience, he offers lessons learned, rather than populist advice.

The book is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting a thorough grounding in the sales process, from beginning to end.  Before you turn away because you’ve been in sales for 15 years, there are things here for you too, things that made you money when you did them, and it’s time to do them again.

It focuses on how to face the toughest challenges, including one of my favorites, why most people hate rejection in various aspects of their daily life, but generally don’t encounter it on a regular basis. Salespeople face it every day and have to learn how to handle rejection with a calm but determined approach to move forward. 5 Star Selling offers many ideas on how to overcome that fear of rejection and use the results to your advantage.

5 Star Selling tells you how to put together the “hooks” that will get you appointments with the key people you want to meet. The book stays with you as you prepare for your calls, and handle the actual calls themselves. It reviews follow-up in great detail, since following up properly is often the difference between great salespeople and those at the back of the pack.

Other key areas covered include what to do with the information you learn in the selling process, and how to transmit it effectively. Along with buyer side; considerable time is spent on how to get your whole inside team working with you by selling internally (an often overlooked topic in many sales books). One of the real strengths of the book is the attention to strong customer relationships. These are the cornerstones of the great salespeople who realize, all things being equal, “People buy from people”. Lee presents how to call in depth, when and how to use management effectively, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls that may occur in the process. Much detail is spent on how to handle problems and really make them opportunities, and the difficult art of negotiation.

Nothing is left out for the new salesperson. And when the reader is finished with a “checkup “ on their basic selling skills, they will find additional information on how to ride the crest of the wave of success and keep it going and growing.

The principles, concepts, and ideas presented in 5 Star Selling include real-life illustrations from the Lee’s extensive experience. The stories are humorous, helping the reader visualize they can apply these important principles in their everyday selling. This is a book belongs in every sales library, not only to expand on many of the things already there, but to use as a reference when faced with new challenges and unfamiliar situations.

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-Tibor Shanto, Internet Top 25 Sales Influencer


Whether a novice or a seasoned sales veteran, the principles in 5 Star Selling will contribute to your success. Lee Davis’s sales system will help you from hello to goodbye, from preparing for sales calls to managing your sales territory. By implementing these ideas you’ll definitely be at the top of the sales profession.

-Tom Ziglar, President/CEO, Ziglar, Inc., and Proud son of Zig Ziglar


I hate ‘how to’ books that are so full of jargon that I need some reference constantly next to me so I can keep checking what the heck I am reading about. Lee Davis’ book is written in plain English that anyone can understand. If it has unfamiliar phrases or terms they are explained.

The advice is practical and drawn from Davis’ own experience, mistakes and observations throughout his career. He addresses you, the reader, somewhat like a good parent, teacher or tutor would.

The content is modern and up to date and includes a chapter on technology.

In short, Lee Davis’ book is comprehensive, flows logically from one chapter to the next with information supplemented in Appendices. Within the text he advises further reading on topics not covered in detailed eg listening skills. These recommendations are included in the appendices and include lists of other resources both books and computer software.

If you want to be a hard-nosed, hard selling, don’t care about the customer used car or real estate salesmen this is not the book for you. It is for those salesmen who want a lifetime career through building positive relationships with both external and internal customers.

One of the things I really liked is the summary points at the end of each chapter. I would recommend that anyone studying this book re-write these points in a notebook for frequent, quick refreshers of the excellent advice contained.

-Review by an Amazon Customer