The Relatonship Between Price and Benefits

If you are selling a commodity (Product X vs Product X) it generally comes down to price and if that’s the same you have to sell the attributes and service of your company.  If price is the objection, one normally has to be competitive and then go through the other things.  If selling Product X vs Product Y, your sales people need to know the comparative benefits of your Product X in the specific situation the product or service will be used, especially if there are many of them.  Your company attributes are selling points, but differences in benefits (and the price for those extra benefits) will be more important. You have to lower your price if you have fewer benefits. All things being equal company-wise, if the customer is not buying, either your price is wrong, or your salespeople have not sold the benefits (or differences) for the price difference.  There may need to be a lot of information absorbed by the salesperson for the various scenarios, but I don’t think its Rocket Science.  After all, that’s their job.

Lee Davis

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