Top Companies Attract Top Talent

I was recently reading a blog posted by business strategist John Spence that talked about how companies attract top talent.  Of course he was referring to talent for many different positions, but I thought the same company attributes would attract top sales talent as well.  He listed the following

  1. Fair Pay. Being paid approximately the same for the same job or work at other companies.
  2. Challenging work. Top performers want work that engages them and uses their skill sets.
  3. “Cool Colleagues”. Like top athletes, top performers want to play on teams with others of similar caliber.
  4. Winning Culture. Places where people enjoy their “working” time about as much as their non-work time.
  5. Personal Growth. Companies with opportunities for advancement and continued success.
  6. A Boss they Respect and Admire. This was on the top of many lists.

So if you are a company looking to hire top sales people, keep these characteristics in mind.  And if you are a Sales Manager in one of these companies, your role is doubly important in earning and keeping the respect and admiration of your people.

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