Tune up Your Selling Skills


Often salespeople who have been selling for several years will find themselves becoming complacent and doing the same things over and over again.  They end up going through the motions and sometimes it works and often it doesn’t.  And even some new people fall into that rut very quickly.  It takes real effort to make changes and refresh your skills or take on new ones.  If this is something that happens to you from time to time, I would recommend a few approaches.

  1. Talk with other successful salespeople to see what they are doing differently. You may find an idea or two that will be helpful going forward.
  2. Ask your sales manager for a few pointers. He or she will appreciate that you are trying to improve, and will respect you for taking the effort.  You don’t have to worry about giving away any secrets, as a former sales manager, I can tell you they already know what you are doing well and what you are not.
  3. Read every chance you get. This is a great way to learn in your spare time.  Read sales books from successful salespeople.  There are more available than you can possibly ever get to.  Also consider sales articles and blogs from those same sales people, offered for nothing, on various sales oriented websites, and plan to follow those sites to see new material as it is published.  If you are interested in reviewing the important critical basics of selling I would recommend my sales book, 5 Star Selling: From Beginning to Excellence.  If you would like to take on more specialized topics the website www.5starselling  has an extensive list of quality reading material in the Resource section. If you are reading this sales tip here, check it out.

Don’t get stale.  Stay on top of your game and strive to be the best!

Lee Davis

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